I Can Be A Duck Too ......(and not just a butcherbird)!

Butch and Cass the pied-butcherbirds have had a better year too.  Chucky is the newest addition to their fold.  Butch and Cass took a leaf out of Maggie's book and have let two year old Dimpy stay on for another year.  They reckon they need the extra pair of eyes (or rather wings) to help them mind their super energetic kids.  Kerry too is enjoying the company having an older and younger sibling around.  Chucky has a beautiful singing voice - really fine and mellow  - quite unusual as he is just a very young chick. 

Not to be left behind Monty, Chucky too wants to try his hand (or rather feet) in the other spa.  Like the lilypot, here too there are pebbles and sand under their claws.

Take a look at the slideshow below for a peek at the birds.

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Previous Slide 1/13 NextChucky Wants A Swim TooDimpy is having a bathDimpy is having a bathI want one too Mummy - Chucky tells ButchI want one too Mummy - Chucky tells ButchChucky gets readyChucky gets readyWhile Monty and Vicky look onWhile Monty and Vicky look onAnd Mindy tooAnd Mindy tooand Chucky dives inand Chucky dives inThis is fun and easyThis is fun and easythe two of us togetherthe two of us togetherwe should do this more oftenwe should do this more oftenif Monty can swim so can weif Monty can swim so can weI want a go on my ownI want a go on my own..look at me....look at me....I can be a duck too....I can be a duck too..

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