Juvi Magpies Tumbling Around Like Puppies



Australian magpies Shelly and Nelly are about six months old. They are Vicky and Bertie's second set of kids.  They love playing around are backyard, tumbling around, playing tug-o-war, pouncing on crows and  bossing currawongs. Always on the alert, they are quick to chase goannas and snakes away or put out alarms of eagles soaring in the sky.

Shelly and Nelly love singing by the door or knocking on the glass pane to attract our attention to show us what they are doing and involve us in their activities.

Butcherbirds too love playing in a similar way. Being smaller birds they are able to roll around with greater ease and even bounce off screens.  Here juvi pied-butcher Eddy and Freddy are playing with their noisy-miner friend Renu.




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