Eagles soaring

The weather right now seems to bring the eagles our way. We get told! When everyone suddenly gives their eagle cries, we try to get out quickly with the camera. There were two yesterday, both being chased by our various birds. It is hard to get good photos, but I managed to get come clear ones and a bit of film. We haven't put much film up yet because it generally needs editing and whatnot, but we'll get around to it. The general idea seems to be to chase the eagle as far away as possible. This tires our birds out very much, because the eagles use the thermals to climb very high, whereas our birds have to use wing power to get up there to start their attack. We have noticed that there is a rule that when someone chases the eagle and drops out due to exhaustion, they are allowed to eat and drink wherever they come down, no matter whose territory it is. But they are always very quiet, because singing would proclaim it to be their land. The rules are incredibly complex for "mere birds", and unless you make friends and let them tell you their rules, you won't discover them. Sitting in a disguised box and filming secretly the way 'good scientists' do is all very well, but it isn't the only way to learn, and there are some things you'll never learn by disengaging from our animal friends. Well that's my take on it, anyhow!


Take a look on Spongefish at one of the video clips we took of the eagle being chased - click here to view the video.

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