Fireworks At The Lilypot!

OMGosh!   What's that exploding in the short lilypot?


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Previous Slide 1/14 NextExplosions galoreWhat's creating this ruckus?What's creating this ruckus?OMG! It's a bird!OMG! It's a bird!Who is it?Who is it?Creating such a commotionCreating such a commotion...again.....again..Is it Dimpy?Is it Dimpy?or is it Kerry?or is it Kerry?Can't believe my eyesCan't believe my eyesit's Larry!it's Larry!How has he managed to get here?How has he managed to get here?Time to dry outTime to dry outpreenpreenand catchand catcha quiet nap unobserved?a quiet nap unobserved?



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